Why Most Candida Treatments Fail

Why Most Treatments For Candida Fail

Written By Jerry  |  Candida Cure, Candida Story  |  0 Comments | Last updated on July 16, 2021

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Candida is a relentless foe. It holds on with every ounce of its being and doesn’t give you much of a break. There are a lot of people that get frustrated with candida because it never seems to let go.

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I know, because I was there. During my fight with candida, I tried everything that I could think of and find online to treat the candida curse – with no success. It just seemed like everything that I tried didn’t work, and everything that I started was destined to fail.

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When you read the first part of this article, you may be convinced that you’re stuck with candida for the rest of your life and that there isn’t any bother trying to break free because every treatment will fail miserably. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m revealing why most treatments fail and how you can overcome the odds and finally break free of the candida curse.

This article will give you 4 reasons why candida diets and treatments normally end up in failure and how you can flip the script and win the war.

1. The Lack Of Consistency

There aren’t any candida treatments that are going to work overnight. It takes time and patience to see results.

If you’re like me, you begin treatment, and if you don’t see any results in a couple of days (or hours), then you move on to the next treatment – without giving it a real shot.

The lack of consistency is one of the main reasons most candida treatments fail and why I became so frustrated trying to find something that worked. I never gave those treatments a chance.

You must stick to a candida treatment for at least 6 months to see any results. It takes a while for your body to heal during that process, and so time is important.

Take Vitamins on a Regular Basis

We often begin to take vitamins, and within a week, stop taking them altogether. How are they suppose to be effective if we are not taking them every day?

I get it.

When we don’t feel a noticeable difference, we assume it’s not working, but this isn’t true. The vitamins and minerals may be working hard to heal our gut and restore gut flora, and though we don’t notice the difference right away, we will begin to see a change in time.


After several years of being really sick, I discovered that I had Candida. Candida makes you feel terrible, and can rob you from the joy of living your life. I set out to build a blueprint to cure my candida for good. You can learn the exact steps that I took with the Candida Warriors program. 

Make a schedule with the vitamins and minerals that you take each day, and follow that schedule for at least 6 months before giving up on the treatment. It takes a while for vitamins to begin to affect your overall health, so don’t give up too soon.

A schedule is a great reminder and helps you keep track of your vitamins to show to a doctor at a later date.

Don’t Base Success on How You Feel

Your pathway to a healthier you don’t begin with feeling better. It begins with making changes in the short term that will give you long-term success. If you’re always thinking about feeling better now, then you’re going to give up on a treatment that may bring long-term happiness and well-being.

You have to remove the idea that “feeling better” makes treatment successful. Although overall success results in you feeling better in the long run, we want to become healthier people, which includes making the right choices.

If we make the right decisions today, then it’s going to lead to a better tomorrow. You have to keep following down that pathway, no matter how you feel right now.

2. It Makes You Feel Worse

When people start any successful candida treatment, they are going to start to feel terrible. So much so, they decide that they have to quit the treatment because something isn’t right.

When candida dies, it makes you feel absolutely horrific. This is because candida releases toxins that spread throughout your body and cause a host of die-off symptoms.

Any successful candida treatment will cause some die-off. It just means that the candida is dying, and this is an excellent thing.

When the going gets tough, the tough will get going! You cannot give up during die-off, it’s not worth it! The sad truth is that most people do. They start treatment, become sick and then throw in the towel, only to regret it down the road.

Years later, they will try it again, and the same result will occur; it’s inescapable – you will feel worst when the candida begins to die.

There are a couple of steps that will help you get through the candida die-off stage.

First, drink lots of water. Water will help flush those nasty toxins out of your body, so you’ll experience fewer die-off symptoms. Making sure that you get enough sleep is important as well. Sleep will help your body recover and fight off candida each day.

Second, you can use charcoal which will absorb the die-off toxins in your body. I found that this worked well for me. Now, you’ll need to refer to the first point again and consistently take the charcoal every day to see any results.

Thirdly, get your blood flowing by exercising each day. This will help your body fight off the toxins and move food along your digestive system to properly dispose of it.

Don’t let toxins and candida die-off be the reason your treatment doesn’t work. Keep fighting through the symptoms and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If your symptoms are too extreme, you can always decrease the treatment intensity, lowering the die-off effect. Just don’t give up!

3. It’s Too Extreme

When I was battling candida, my priority was balance. I never wanted to feel trapped or frustrated with my candida treatment, or I knew I would end up quitting.

There are a lot of candida treatments on the market today, and some of them are crazy! You don’t have to use extremeness to fight candida, be consistent and find something that works for you.

The candida diet can be a real downer! The restrictions are everywhere, and you come to the point where you want to throw in the towel and eat whatever you want. I get ya!

Yet, it’s better to cut back sugar and stay on a diet, then cut it out completely and end up gorging on it every day. I hope you get what I’m saying in this article. I never felt bad when I ate something that I shouldn’t have had on my diet; I just did my best to be consistent and didn’t go to extremes.

I had a better chance of sticking with it, and I did for two years. I felt 100% better, and I don’t think I would of made it to the end, if I didn’t take a balanced approach.

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Obviously, you have to do what works for you. There will be hundreds of websites that will tell you what you can and cannot eat, follow the basics and go from there – no sugar, carbs, or processed meat. Take this simple approach and build out a meal plan.

By the way, you have to let your body speak to you. I could eat certain foods and feel them right away; other times, I didn’t notice it. For me, staying away from sugar made it easier to fight off the cravings, but I did add some starches along the way. If you feel terrible after you’ve eaten a certain food, then it’s best to stay clear of it.

4. Make a Plan

The final reason most candida treatments fail is that you do not make a plan. You cannot just hope everything works out; you need to plan for success.

I made a food plan, had a plan for eating out, made a schedule with all my vitamins, and saw a naturopathic doctor every month. I sat down and worked out all the details, so I didn’t have too many surprises.

This worked well for me.

We can’t begin a candida treatment and just run with it without a workable plan. It’s not going to work – it will fail. Take some time and write out a plan on how you’re going to be successful with the candida treatment you choose.

Here are a few examples:

  • Vitamin schedule
  • Meal plans
  • New recipes
  • Workout schedule
  • Support
  • Rewards
  • Diary
  • Doctor notes

Making a plan, and then working that plan is a good way to beat your candida finally. It doesn’t even have to be a large plan – just some simple steps to help you along the way will make a big difference. Creating an exercise schedule is better than hoping you will have time because we all know how that works out. Anything you plan will help you to the end goal – bye-bye candida.


When I first was diagnosed with candida, I must have started a hundred treatments without any results. The reason I didn’t see results as I didn’t stick to anything, I didn’t make a plan, I was too extreme and then burnt out, and I gave up when I started to feel worse.

Looking back at my journey, I wonder if I would have beaten my candida long ago if I would have stuck to the first candida treatment I started.

Your candida treatment doesn’t have to be a failure story, but a success. Just don’t quit and you’ll see some results – eventually.

By the way, I used this e-book to give me all the inside information about candida. It was a small investment, and I learned a lot about how to treat candida overgrowth. You can check it out here.

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