Why I Absolutely Hate the Candida Diet

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The Candida Diet is indeed an important part of any Candida treatment.

It would help if you starved the yeast, which keeps it from overpopulation in your digestive tract. Even though I know that the Candida Diet is an integral part of any Candida treatment, it doesn’t mean that I have to like it. I hate it with a passion.

I’ve been on the Candida Diet for months, and it’s always the same when I decide to start – I don’t want to start.

I absolutely hate the effort that it takes to make meals. When you’re not on the Candida Diet you can eat so many meals that you can just throw in the microwave, this isn’t an option when you’re on the Candida Warriors Program.

Why do I hate the Candida diet? It’s all because of one reason – it takes too long to make all of the meals.

We all live hectic lives, and most of us don’t have time to cook, bake and put together a well-balanced meal. It’s why fast food is so typical in our world; people want easy meals.

Do I want to make a chicken salad with a lemon juice dressing? Nope. I would instead rather hit the drive-thru on the way home for work. Making meals in the Candida Diet takes time, and if you’re like me, it can be a major setback.

So what can you do, if you’re struggling to begin the Candida Diet?

Well, here are a few ideas.

Plan Ahead

Take the time to plan your meals ahead.

On my Candida Warriors Program, I give you a daily journal where you can plan out your meals for the week. Planning your meals in advance takes out the guess work in meal preparation and makes it less likely your head to a drive-thru.

On the Candida Warriors Program, I also give you meal ideas which you can use for inspiration. This also helps with planning and preparing your meals. The meal ideas that I provide are actually really easy to make and I always use common ingredients.

Repeat Meals

Another way to make the Candida Diet more bareable, is to repeat your favorite meals time and time again.

For example, I really love eating eggs. I find that breakfast is probably the hardest meal to prepare for, and so eggs is a great go-to meal. It’s simple to make and I love the taste.

So, I make a lot of eggs.

You can repeat meals that you enjoy and that quick to make, this way if you’re ever short for time and can be your go-to meal.

Simple is Better

Don’t over complicate your meals.

When it comes to the Candida Diet, simple is going to be better.

Let me explain what I mean.

Sure there are some wild recipes available online, but you’re not going to have time putting it all together and experiment to see if you actually like it. Just stick with what you know and make simple meals that you know you love.

A chicken leg with spices on top of a cauliflower puree is an easy meal to make, and you know that it’s good. You can spend a long time trying out recipes and trying to wade through the ones that honestly, no one actually likes.

A steak, chicken thighs, a garden salad, and hard-boiled eggs, are all easy choices and taste good. Don’t make things more complicated then they need to be.

Make Leftovers

When you actually take the time and make a large meal, make enough for leftovers. This gives you great lunches for the next day. You can throw the container in the microwave and you’re really to go in just a few minutes.

It’s when you’re really hungry that you’re in danger of cheating, and that’s why having a meal ready to go is a great way to stick to the Candida Diet. Leftovers taste really good, are quick and don’t take any extra time – it’s a good habit to always make more than needed for another day.


I hate the Candida diet, but if I plan ahead, I can make it work.

Use the tips that I mentioned above and plan for success.

What do you hate about the Candida Diet? You can use the comment section below and let us know.

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