10 Ways To Be Safe While You Cook

Stay safe while you cook

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Serving food to your friends and family can be a difficult job. You always want to make sure that the food you serve is the very best quality – I mean, they are your friends and family!

That’s why I wrote this article, I’m going to list for you 10 ways you can make sure that the food you’re serving is always the best it can be.

Note: Do you want to make ice without an ice cube tray? Here are some creative ways.

I’m going to discuss 10 simple ways that you can make sure that your food is safe to eat.

Make Sure Your Food Is At The Right Temperature

When cooking meat like beef, chicken or pork – you have to make sure that your food is at the correct temperature.

This is done by creating a chart before your fridge or stove and purchasing a meat thermometer from Amazon.

This way you’ll always keep temperatures correct and your meal safe to eat.

Keep Cleaning Throughout The Cooking Process

Keep cleaning your kitchen as you cook. Make sure that wrappers and packages are put away and that knifes are safely secure.

A clean workstation not only keeps your food safe to eat, but it also protects you from getting hurt.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush while your cooking. Take some time and enjoy the process as well as the final product.

Accidents happen when you move fast and don’t think. Just take your time, and slow down. Putting wrong ingredients into your food, or hurting yourself with a knife is easy to do if you’re in a rush.

Keep Equipment Clean

Make sure that you keep your equipment clean. Dirty gear can make people sick and make your final product fit for the garbage.

Keep ice makers clean by having a regular cleaning schedule. Always clean and scrub pots and pans when you’re done cooking, and make sure that you never put anything away that’s not cleaned well. Mold and other bacteria can grow on dirty dishes and this can make you and those you love sick. Also, don’t let dishes sit around for a long time before you deal with them. No one likes doing dishes, but they’ll have to cleaned at some point – why not right now.

Clean Your Spills

Spills kill.

Well, maybe we’re being a little extreme, but it can be very dangerous.

If water or anything spills on the ground, make sure that you clean it up right away.

Handles In

Always keep the handles to pots and pans pointing pointing toward the back of the stove.

It’s easy for a small child to see a handle and try to grab and pour whatever is cooking onto the child. This can happen in just seconds.

Get in the habit of keeping the handles always pointed in. It’s a really good and safe habit to get into to.

Check Dates

You just finished your entire meal and serve it to your family – something doesn’t taste right! What could it be? I know what it is, something expired and you didn’t check the dates.

Any product that has the potential of expiring should always be tested by taste or smell before put into your food.

You’ll thank me later. Oh, and while I have you on the line. Don’t place crack eggs and place them right into your mixing bowl with the other items, add them to a small separate bowl first. This way if the egg is bad you don’t lose everything that you have done so far. Smart!

Handle With Care

Make sure that you have the proper gear for removing pots and pans from the oven or stove. It’s surprising how many people burn themselves every year because they grab a pot from the oven with their shirt sleeve.

This is crazy! Don’t be crazy, be safe!

I purchased these oven mitts from Amazon and I haven’t regretted it.

A Small Fire Extinguisher is a Must

For a very small investment you can ensure that your family is safe from grease fires in your kitchen.

A small fire extinguisher can be purchased on Amazon for less then $100, and it brings security to the whole cooking experience.

Let Food Rest

Before you serve the food, let it rest and cool down for a little. You don’t want to be serving hot food where your guests can burn their tongue.


Cooking should be fun and enjoyable, but more importantly it should be done safely.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can have a great experience in the kitchen.

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