4 Signs Your Candida is Going Away

Signs Candida is Going Away

Written By Jerry  |  Candida, Candida Cure  |  1 Comments | Last updated on July 16, 2021

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Candida makes our lives miserable.

It’s a terrible feeling that an invader in our lives is doing everything that it can to cause havoc in every area of our life.

Even our social life is affected by Candida Overgrowth.

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Candida is a natural yeast that we all have in our intestines. This yeast is normal and essential to a proper digestive system. But, when this yeast overgrows, it transforms into a fungus that begins to grow throughout the intestines taking no prisoners along the way.

This terrible fungus begins to break through the intestinal walls and cause another issue called leaky gut. This allows the Candida to get into the bloodstream and spread throughout the entire body.

It’s said that 85% of Americans have Candida and most of the people don’t even know it.

What I’m talking about in this article could be the reason you’re always tired and feel lousy all day.

Signs You Have Candida Overgrowth

How does someone know if Candida is their issue? Several tests can be done to confirm that Candida is your problem so that you can take the steps to defeat it.

Below are common tests that will help you diagnosis Candida overgrowth:

IgG, IgA, and IgM Candida antibodies

A simple blood test can be used to check if you have any high levels of IgG, IgA, or IgM antibodies in your blood. These antibodies are a sign that you may have a problem with Candida overgrowth.


After several years of being really sick, I discovered that I had Candida. Candida makes you feel terrible, and can rob you from the joy of living your life. I set out to build a blueprint to cure my candida for good. You can learn the exact steps that I took with the Candida Warriors program. 

My blood test confirmed that I had a high level of IgM antibodies in my blood which confirmed what I already knew. I also took a food allergy test that indicated that I had a high intolerance to fungus and showed me that my body was fighting a kind of yeast or fungus at that time.

Complete blood count

Often a low white blood count has been associated with a candida problem.

Stool testing

Stool testing is seen as the most accurate of all the candida tests available. This test will check for Candida in the colon or lower intestines.

Urine organix dysbiosis test

This test detects D-Arabintol which is a waste product from Candida.

There is also another simple test you can perform at home to see if you have a Candida overgrowth. This is called the spit test, which is spitting into a glass of water and seeing if your saliva begins to sink to the bottom of the glass. If it does, then this could indicate a Candida issue.

Candida shows its ugly face in a variety of ways. Someone struggling with candida could have joint pain, fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, acne, reoccurring yeast infections, and an overall weakened immune system.

4 Signs Your Candida is Going Away

Candida doesn’t leave your body on good terms. It’s been said that it leaves kicking and screaming, which is a good way of putting it. It’s like a spoiled child that didn’t get their way in the toy store and refuses to leave the toy store.

Here are 5 reasons you know that your Candida Overgrowth is going away.

You Start to Feel Worse

The first way you know your Candida is going away is you start to feel worse from the die-off.

When I started treating my Candida, I felt terrible. I actually think saying that I felt terrible is an understatement.

At first, I thought that I just had the flu, but found out later it was something called die-off. When Candida dies off it releases toxins that spread through the entire body. These toxins cause a whole bunch of unpleasant symptoms.

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle aches
  • Weakness
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Skin flushing
  • Skin rashes
  • Depression

These die-off symptoms can be very severe, and other times they may be very mild. It is different for everyone, and it depends on how bad you have Candida overgrowth.

There are some ways that you can fight back when you face Candida die-off.

First, drink lots of water. This will flush the toxins out of your body. The second way of tackling die-off is to get lots of rest. Your body is at war and needs the rest to recover.

Thirdly, soak in Epsom salt or use charcoal pills. These options will help absorb the toxins that are running wild in your body.

Less Sugar Cravings

Yeast craves sugar. It’s how the Candida thrives, and so it wants you to continue to feed it.

As you begin to beat it, those sugar cravings go away. You no longer feel like you need to eat sugar to make it through the day. When you cut out sugar from your diet it gives you a whole bunch of other benefits, such as more energy each day.

More Energy

Sugar is a horrible source of energy. It burns fast and leaves you tired.

When you are on the Candida diet it gives you good foods as the source of your energy meaning you feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

I also found that I had fewer sinus headaches when I was on the Candida diet. There is no secret that sugar can do a whole bunch of bad stuff to our bodies.

According to Locke Hughes on WebMD.com,

Sugar will effect your teeth, joints, skin, liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys and overall body weight.

To give you an overview, sugar is no good and no good for you.

Overall Healthy

When you begin to battle Candida, you will find that it impacts your overall health. Though in the beginning, you feel terrible, it will begin to lean more to feeling great.

A healthy gut leads to a strong immune system, healthy sleep, effective digestion and so much more.

When you tackle the problem with Candida, you are helping yourself in so many other ways.

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Candida?

Candida normally takes double the amount of months that you had it in your body. If you have been struggling with Candida for 12 months, then a good number would be 24 months for it to be defeated.

This isn’t saying that it cannot not be beat before that time, it’s just a good rule of thumb when it comes to fighting off Candida.

Be careful of those that suggest that Candida can be cured overnight with a couple of pills. For Candida to be taken care of properly, you need to take the following steps.

First, you need to starve the yeast. This means you will need to go on a diet and limit the number of sugars and carbohydrates you eat each day. Sugar and carbohydrates feed Candida and help it to thrive in your body.

Second, take an antifungal supplement for extra support. This will kill the candida that’s in your intestines.

When I had Candida overgrowth really bad, I took berberine every day, which is known to kill yeast in the gut and heal the damage that it’s left.

Third, feed the good flora, which will bring Candida into balance. This means taking a good prebiotic and probiotic.

The last step is to exercise.

This step is normally forgotten and left out of Candida cures, but it’s important for two reasons: it gets the digestive tract moving so that toxins and waste will leave the body, and it’s great for our mental health.

Most people want to get rid of Candida in 24 hours or as fast as they can, and it’s not a bad thing. The problem with that mindset is that you’ll be frustrated when it’s still there in the morning.

I have been battling my Candida for the last 3 years. It’s still there, though a lot better than it was years prior. If I were set on a 24-hour cure, then I would have given up by now, that’s for sure.

How Do You Know Candida is Gone?

When you have Candida, you feel terrible, and when the Candida is gone, you’re going to feel great again. It’s that simple. How do you know when you are candida free? It all about feeling good and having your life back – that’s what this is all about.

It’s not really about getting rid of Candida, as it is putting everything back into proper balance. When your gut’s ecosystem is back in the proper priority, then your overall health is better.

When I first learned that I had Candida, I was a mess. I was depressed, couldn’t get out of bed, always felt like I was fighting off the flu, couldn’t keep up with life. When I started to win victories, I felt a noticeable difference.

The day I got out of bed and started to live my life again was one way I knew that my Candida was under control.

Candida produces a horrible cycle. You feel bad, so you go on the Candida Diet, and then you start to feel even worse. No wonder so many people quit when they start fighting their Candida.

If you persist through the stormy waters, you will prevail and feel better because of it.


You cannot rush success.

When you begin a solid Candida treatment, you’re going to find that it’s moving slowly or even like it’s going backward.

This is normal.

Just pace yourself; it’s a long fight. Yet, it’s a great fight and worth your time and effort. Keep at it, and in the end, you’ll have your life back.

I have been struggling with Candida for years now, and have read all the stories and researched all the pathways to curing this terrible fungus and there are no shortcuts.

You have to keep the faith that this pathway will lead you to success.

You’ll get there, I promise.

  • I am so glad I read your article. I came down with esophageal candida and made my life so miserable I thought I was going to die, horrible feeling. I had an endoscopy which showed I had candida in my esophagus and stomach. I was really surprised because I had never had that before. The doctor gave me fluconozole to be taken for 14 days. Hoping I would get better, I faithfully took all the medicine. The gnawing pain in my stomach stopped but it has been six days since the last dose and I still feel bad. I am itchy, dizzy, and lots of hot flashes, lightheaded and tired.
    This is why I am so glad I came across your article. Though I don’t know how long it takes for effects to wear off, I am hoping that this is the case in my awful situation.

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