How To Cure Candida Naturally and Permanently

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Candia is a terrible yeast infection that brings a large list of terrible symptoms.

Candida is when the yeast in your gut overgrows and becomes a fungus. As the fungus is feed (by sugars and carbs), it begins to spread and root in the intestine walls. This causes a condition called leaky gut which brings even more troublesome symptoms including many food intolerances.

I have had candida for several years now, and I’ve done hours and hours of research finding out how to beat it.

To be honest with you, candida is a relentless foe. Mostly, because of the culture that we live in and stress that we face each day, candida is difficult to cure, but it can be done.

Can Candida be cured? Yes. But it’s going to take effort and patience on your part. Let’s break down simple steps on how you can get the victory in your battle against candida. 


Candida is an epidemic in our nation. The wide-spread of candida is because of the culture that we live in and the stresses that we face on a daily basis. 

Before I got sick (to the point that I thought I was dying), I had candida symptoms, but I never put it together that I had candida. I spent years treating the symptoms and not getting the root of the problem.

Doctors say that the leading causes of candida are overuse of antibiotics, diseases and stress.

Contrary to what doctors may think, I believe that the leading cause of candida is stress. We are living in a stressful time to live, and the pressure that we face each day is being manifested in our health.

There is medical proof that stress causes headaches, depression, heartburn, insomnia, breathing problems, a weakened immune system, heart issues, fertility problems, low sex drive, a missed menstrual cycle and tense muscles.

Actually, this list is just a few of the many physical effects stress has on our physical bodies.

In short, stress is deadly. 

Before I was given a candida diagnosis, I was really stressed at work. I had no idea what stress was really doing to my body. A weakened immune system was causing the friendly-bacteria in my gut to decrease which allowed invaders like yeast to take control.

Slowly this transition was taking place, and I didn’t even know it. Stress was causing my body to become hostile to the good and become a breeding ground for the bad.

Then on that sad day in December several years ago, when I took that first dose of antibiotics – I felt the full effect of what was happening in my body for a long time. The yeast had transformed into a fungus and was now the king of the hill.

The reason why I am telling you all of this is because of the question at the beginning of this post: can candida be cured? If we are going to cure candida, then we need to start all the way at the beginning. I want to give you 4 simple steps on how you can begin killing candida

We’re going to attack candida from all angles. I want to make sure that our candida is permanently gone and that it doesn’t come back.

I also want to say that when I first found out that I had candida, I was quite sick. I followed the steps that I’m listing below and saw remarkable results. The problem was I strayed from this formula when I started to feel better and never finished my candida off.

Make sure that you follow these steps and don’t give up until the candida is gone. It may take months or even years, but stick with this plan, and you’re going to see results.

Also, if you stumble at any time, pick yourself up and continue down this pathway. It’s not the end of the world to get off track; just make sure that you get back on course as soon as possible. 

Let’s take the first step in fighting and beating candida.


Stress management is vital to fighting and winning against candida.

So, how does one manage their stress levels?

My doctor told me, when I was very sick, that I was experiencing psychosomatic symptoms and that I should run away from my problems to find relief.

This is terrible advise. 

You probably think that running away to an Island somewhere and living our life like a hermit for the rest of our lives is a good plan. If we get away from the stress, then we are on our way to curing candida, right? 

Well, that’s right and wrong. 

Stress is going to follow you no matter where you go. We don’t need to run from what causes us stress but learn simple ways to deal with the pressure in a healthy way.

Exercise is a great way to deal with stress. When we exercise our body releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain which act as natural painkillers, they support a better sleep which helps us cope with the stress in our life.

Avoiding unnecessary stress, expressing yourself instead of holding it all inside, managing the things that you control are other great ways to manage stress in your life.


The second step in curing your candida is watching what foods you consume each day. In the US, people on average eat 60 lbs of sugar a year. That’s insane.

Candida feeds on sugars. A diet filled with sweets, pasta and bread is going to cause the candida to flourish and spread like a bad lie.

What we want to do is starve the candida by stripping away its food supply. If candida doesn’t eat then it’s going to die slowly – this is a good thing.

Do your very best to begin eating green leafy vegetables and small amounts of starches. Make sure that you avoid sugary foods like the plague.

There are hundreds of websites online with candida diet recipes and charts of what you can and cannot eat. My advice to you is to keep it very simple and stay clear of sugar, carbs and eat fewer starches. Then fill your diet with colorful vegetables.

Most people give up on the candida diet because they make it too complicated. Just keep it simple, and you’re going to find yourself digging in for the long haul.

If you eat something that you’re not supposed to eat, don’t sweat it. Just reset and start fresh.


The candida diet alone will not cure your candida; you will need to take additional steps to kill the candida in your gut.

I recommend that you use natural antifungals in a candida cleanse to do the job. 

I call this bombing the candida. You started off managing what caused the candida to begin with, and you took steps to stave the candida and now you’re going to air raid it. You’re going to send in the military and start cleaning house. 

When I was first diagnosed with candida, I used a candida cleanse every day. There are several good candida cleanses available on Amazon, and if you click on the link and head over to Amazon, you can see the one that I have used.

Also, try to add to your diet foods that are known to be antifungal. Coconut oil, Garlic, Onions, Seaweed, Rutagaba, Ginger, Olive oil, Lemons and limes, Pumpkin seeds, Cayenne pepper, Algae, Cinnamon, Papaya seeds, Turmeric, Fermented foods, Bone broth, Pau d’arco tea are the most potent foods that will help eliminate the yeast in your gut.

An important note about die-off. When the candida begins to die off inside your gut, you may start to feel some die off symptoms. You will only experience these symptoms if the die-off toxins are more than your body can handle. You may feel weak, experience joint pain or feel like you have the flu. The worst thing possible is to quit what you’re doing and give up on the cleanse. Die-off is normal and can be expected.

AS you begin to transition into a healthy diet and lifestyle, you’ll start making the environment in your intestines anti-candida, and you should start seeing some positive results.

A timeline for curing candida can’t be done. Everyone’s case is different and unique.

Specialists say that it takes one month for every year you’ve had candida to heal. Whether this is true or not – I have no idea.

Curing candida can be a rollercoaster ride, but you’re going to get through it. You just need to keep at it, and you’ll win in the end.


As you’re starving and bombing the candida, there is one more essential step to healing your gut. 

You need to begin the process of replenishing and restoring your intestines. 

In order to do this, you need to take vitamins and minerals that promote good gut health. 

Most times candida causes a condition called leaky gut. Healing leaky gut can take some time, but it’s vital in the recovery process.

Below is a list of vitamins that I use to replenish, rebuild and restore my gut. I have added an Amazon link for each of the products that I have used.

Berberine // Kills candida and is an anti-inflammatory. 

A Vitamin B Complex // replenishes the B vitamins

Magnesium Supplements // Magnesium is vital to a healthy immune system

A High-end Probiotic // Restores the gut flora lost by stress or antibiotics


The worst thing that you can do when curing your candida is to give up.

This was my problem.

I was very ill, and after going on the candida diet and taking supplements to heal my gut, I started to feel better. It was great! 

After my symptoms became manageable, I decided to get off the candida diet and supplements and go back to my old ways.

Big mistake.

It’s hard to get back on the horse, and if I would have stayed on course, I probably would have been healed COMPLETELY by now.

My suggestion is to be patient and buckle up for the long haul. You’re going to have up and downs, but if you’re determined to succeed – you will.

Thanks for taking time reading my blog. Take some time and click on more helpful articles in the fight against candida.

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